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  • Beard Oil


    This product is made with the very best ingredients for your beard. Icky beard-ruff bothering you? Tired of having a scruffy beard that your woman hates? Use this oil to condition your beard to keep it in the best shape possible. Your face hair can be neglected without the proper care it needs. 

    Comes in a 1 oz. amber bottle to protect the oils from UV rays which can cause rancidity.

    Made with Argan Oil, Jojoba {hoh-hoh-buh} Oil, Castor Oil (promotes new hair growth), Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E and some essential oils to keep your beard smelling its best. Five scents to choose from (Arizona Cowboy ~ Cedarwood ~ Green Irish Tweed ~ Lemongrass ~ Black Pepper/Lime) or go with Plain (unscented). We use Argan oil because it is hands-down the very best oil for hair, especially facial hair. Jojoba is the closest oil as the sebum, the oil that your scalp and face naturally produces AND it's native to Arizona! Castor Oil has been proven to help with new hair growth. Sweet Almond Oil is rich in vitamins that helps keep your facial hair in the best shape it can be in. Vitamin E is added as well.

    Use daily for best results. Best applied when your beard is still damp from showering, when your hair follicles are open and ready for some great nutrients. Use the dropper that comes in the bottle to put a few beads of oil on your fingers. Start at the base, closest to your skin, rub it in right to the tips to stop those nasty split ends.